Kurai seishin (kurai_seishin) wrote in hawt_designs,
Kurai seishin

Background: Okay...background I don't want a picture, maybe just like a crimson colour or a black, or just any colour you think would suit the picture I'm going to give you. ^^?
Header: http://www.backstage.co.jp/kagrra22.jpg maybe? That picture or another Kagrra picture that looks better, please ^_^
Font Color: Well depending on the background colour *shrug*
Font Style:
As long as its not too small or too fancy that you can't read it, whatever.
Do you want a
Sidebar: Sure
Scrolling Entry Box: Nah
Sidebar and Scrolling Entry Box:No
How many sidebars?
Do you have an example of the layout type? Nope D:
Just give me a description of what you want if it isn't up there. Okay, well I want ti to be darkly themed, some dark words from one of their songs on the header...http://irohanihoheto.new-lotika.com/ go to that site and look through some of their songs lyrics, there are some good dark wo
Anything else
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